Whilst I was growing up I always had this admiration for dreamcatchers and the people who made them. I always wondered how they made that web. It looks so intricate.

Till one day I was shown how and was blown away by how easy it actually was to create the web.

They say it is often the simplest of things that seem so difficult and how true.

Create something beautiful to give as a gift
or to keep for yourself.

The process of creating your own personal dreamcatcher is called dream weaving.
Dream weaving is about setting an intention for your dreamcatcher before you weave it, consciously infusing your intention into your dreamcatcher.

At the workshop Charmaine will guide you through the process of creating your dreamcatcher, sharing stories and traditional teachings of dreamcatchers as you free your mind, during this relaxing workshop.

All supplies are provided for this workshop. Everyone will start off with a small hoop and then you will have a choice of any of the following…

*19.5cm hoop
*20cm Square
*Curled bark

You can also bring personal objects and decorations to incorporate into your dreamcatcher to make it more personal and more meaningful. Pendants, charms and talismans are popular examples – whatever your creative spirit desires! 

Workshop Information

Venue: 183 Forest Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town

Time: 10H00 till done

Cost: £36.00

Your pick of one of the above

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