Beginners Psychic Development

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Beginners Psychic Development

Online Course

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Spiritual Vitality

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I found their Psychic Development workshop LV1 very enlightening and uplifting. Mark is very helpful and the meditation he helped me relax even more. My life has started changing already and I’m so excited to grow and learn with this amazing team.

Really looking forward to attending more workshops in the future.

Mrs E - Cape Town

This Psychic Development workshop has really helped me a lot and I am looking forward to doing your Level 2 workshop.

Your down to earth manner and emphasis on keeping your feet rooted to the physical plane really resonated and has helped me keep my head above the stormy waters of life.

I don’t think I will ever work as a Psychic or Medium but I have most definitely learnt more about my path by connecting to my guides.

Thank you!

Mr I - Cape Town

Beginners Psychic Development

Have you often just known or felt something and cannot explain it? Well we can, it is your spirit guide sending you information in the best way it knows that you may feel/receive it.

Your Journey Starts Here:

Week 1: How to clean your Chakras and use them in everyday circumstances to their maximum

Week 2: Introduction to your Spirit Guide(s) and your DoorKeeper

Week 3: Opening and using your Third Eye

Week 4: Dream Development – How spirit and our guides communicate through our dreams to enhance our Psychic abilities

Week 5: Picture/Photo Reading – Learn how to read a persons photo to find out more about them or to connect with passed loved ones.

Why participate in our Beginners Psychic Development?

Psychic development will help you to;

  • Become skilled at how to truly listen internally and externally
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Increase clarity, sense of life purpose and spiritual intelligence
  •  Build natural self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
  •  Learn to trust your own judgement
  •  Improve decision making in you personal and professional life
  •  Attain a deep sense of relaxation and priceless peace of mind
  •  Discover the joy of unfolding your own natural psychic abilities
  •  Realise your ability to develop your psychic gifts in order to help others
  •  Heighten your creative ability
  •  Connect to Nature and the Universe
  •  Meet your Spirit Guides, Angels and Power Animals

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who is looking to develop their Psychic abilities. If you feel you have a Psychic connection or would like to explore it further then this workshop is for you.

The workshop is ideal for (and not restricted too)….

  • Those just starting or want to start their Psychic journey
  • If you feel you have a Psychic connection which you want to explore
  • Those looking to develop their connection with their Spirit Guides
  • Tarot reader looking to develop their Psychic connection


You will get access to our exclusive Members Support Facebook Group which allows you to contact and talk directly to any of the Spiritual Vitality team, at anytime. We are currently the only Beginners Psychic Development to offer this group to our customers, ensuring peace of mind.

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