Growing up I never knew about incense, smudging, or energy clearing sprays. It was never apart of my childhood. 

It was only when I became friends with Somi; she would burn incense. That was my first introduction into space cleansing and I didn’t even know it.

Roundabout 5/6 years ago I started my Energy healing journey and that’s what kick-started my interest in space cleansing.

Learn to clear your aura and space of other peoples energy this holiday season.

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who likes to have an energetically clear space and Aura.

You will be able to effectively clear your space, Aura and objects as and whenever you require to do so. You will no longer need to find someone who can clear your space for you. Unless of course, a “spiritual” entity has come into it.

You will be taught and have the opportunity to make your own feather fan. You will be shown how to clear a space inside and outside, you will be shown how to clear your Aura and innate objects.
*Materials to make a feather fan will be supplied.
*You will get a Californian White Sage smudge stick and an Abalone shell.
*Your own comprehensive reference manual which will be emailed to you.
You can also bring personal objects, decorations or feathers to incorporate into your feather fan to make it more personal and more meaningful. Pendants, charms and talismans are popular examples – whatever your creative spirit desires! 

Workshop Information

Venue: 183 Forest Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town

Duration: +- 5/6 hrs

Cost: £72.00


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