Past Life Regression: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes

Many people who undergo regression and successfully remember a past life are able to watch the scenes unfold like a movie, witnessing their past life in a linear fashion from birth to death. Others see nothing but simply “know” what is happening. Past lives can appear in dreams, in experiences of déjà vu. They may be nothing more than a snapshot, a glimpse of a scene.

Many mine their unconscious memories for the key past life experiences that can provide specific guidance for their current situations. No longer simply the stuff of new age practitioners, past life regression therapy is a powerful tool that can improve your understanding of your personal challenges and deepen your connection with the world around you.

As modern science and technology advance at overwhelming rates, many of us crave the healing insights and feelings of eternal love that survivors of near-death experiences frequently report. Through past-life therapy, everyday people are able to experience prior lifetimes all the way through their deaths, tapping into abiding spiritual truths and answering essential questions about human existence.

This door leads to a happy and successful prior lifetime that will help you build confidence.

People can have up to as many as 7 past lives, but the most recent tends to be more significant for what may (or may not) be going on in your current life.

It is not necessarily the events of a lifetime that heal the person remembering it: “Some regressions are powerful not for the concrete details they provide but for the deeply transcendent emotions they generate.”

Today we recognise that past or current life experiences are perceived either as negative or positive energy, and are stored in the energetic layers of our body. Negative experiences (trauma) are translated into the body as energetic blocks. A person’s social and cultural upbringing and life experiences will determine how they perceive trauma, yet it seems that the body’s layers don’t discern between different types of trauma, it is registered as energetic blocks in the body, which manifest as physical symptoms, or current life issues. Releasing the emotional link from the image in the sub-conscious is an integral part of feeling more empowered.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. ~ Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard

Knowing if you had a past life can sometimes be determined by key aspects to your life such as:

Dreams/Nightmares – Do you have recurring or even vivid dreams? You know where the dream seems so real you actually think you are there.

Birthmarks – Sometimes birthmarks might indicate past live incidents.

DÉJÀ VU – Most of us have experienced the eerie feeling of the sudden, surprising feeling that an event we are going through at the moment has happened exactly this way before

Stories of Past Life Experiences

The Curious Case of the Birthmark

Hanumant Saxena was born in 1955 in the Farrukhabad district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Not long before Hanumant’s mother conceived him, she dreamed that a man of the same village called Maha Ram appeared to her. Maha Ram had been shot dead only a few weeks earlier. In the dream, Maha Ram said to Hanumant’s mother: “I am coming to you.” Having said that, he lay down on a cot. The dream ended there.

When Hanumant was born, his parents noticed a large birthmark on the lower part of his chest near the midline. It was irregular in shape and really consisted of several birthmarks close together. The birthmark had diminished pigmentation in comparison with the surrounding skin. Hanumant later said that as a young child he had had no pain in the area of the birthmark, but his parents said that he sometimes had complained of pain there. He himself said that intermittently from the age of about 14 on he had had some pain in the area of the birthmark.

Hanumant’s birthmark corresponded closely in location to the fatal wound on Maha Ram. When he was three years old, he started referring to the life of Maha Ram. He said that he was Maha Ram, and, pointing to his birthmark, he said he had been shot there. He made a few other statements that were correct for Maha Ram, and he recognized some people and places familiar to Maha Ram. In particular, he recognized Maha Ram’s bullocks, which was perhaps not difficult because the bullocks were standing outside Maha Ram’s house.

Hanumant liked to visit Maha Ram’s house and to be with Maha Ram’s mother, who still lived there. Hanumant’s mother said that he talked about the previous life until he was 5 or 6 years old, but his father said that he continued to visit Maha Ram’s house until the age of 10.

Ref: Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect By Ian Stevenson

Arthur Flowerdew’s Ancient Journey

When he was a kid, Arthur Flowerdew, who was born in 1906, had dreams of a large city surrounded by desert. It had a temple, and a canyon, and streets, and buildings — all laid in out in very particular ways. Later, he had visions of the city when he was awake as well, often brought on by trips he took to the seashore during which he played with pink and orange rocks.

He grew up. He got old. And one day, while watching a documentary on the BBC about the ancient Jordanian city of Petra, he felt he immediately recognized the place: It was seemingly the city he had been seeing in his dreams since he was a child.

Flowerdew reached out to the BBC, who were intrigued by his story and shot another documentary about and what he believed was a past life he had lived in Petra. The Jordanian government later saw this documentary and reached out to Flowerdew. Would he like to fly to Petra to see it in person?

Why, yes, he would. What’s more, before he left, an archaeologist who was well versed in Petra’s history gave Flowerdew a test about the city; and he nailed it. He described major landmarks, identified them on sight when he arrived and revealed information about the ancient place it seemed like he could not have known.

The Case Of Shanti Devi

Born in 1926 in Delhi, India, Shanti Devi was four years old when she began telling her parents that her home wasn’t in Delhi; it was 90 miles away in Mathura, where she said her husband lived. She recounted memories of having been married, and later of dying from complications from childbirth. She described what her husband looked like (light-skinned, a wart on his cheek, reading glasses) and where his shop was located (by the Dwarkadhish temple). Eventually, she revealed her past persona’s husband’s name: Pandit Kedarnath Chaube.

And, it turned out, the man existed. He had lost his wife, Lugdi Bai, from complications with the C-section she had undergone while giving birth to their son, Navneet Lal. What’s more, Shanti recognized both Pandit Kedarnath Chaube and Navneet Lal on sight.

There are many more stories online of people who have had past life regressions.

What are you waiting for? Let your past be the portal to healing your present!

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