Reiki Introduction

Let's dive into the background of and learn what Reiki is, as well as the energy workings of the body. I have found that having a base understanding of what Reiki is and how it works as well as knowing about our energy centres, aura, microcosmic orbit, Dantien and so forth helps me be a channel for Reiki a lot easier.

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Past Life Regression

We have up to 7 past lives and this course will show you how to access each one. Past life's can help explain why certain things happen to us on a daily basis or for making life changes.

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Learn to Read Tarot

If you have ever wanted to learn Tarot the Correct way, or need to enhance your current skill sets, then this course is for beginners and advanced students alike

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Psychic Development

This course is for anyone who is looking to develop their Psychic abilities. If you feel you have a Psychic connection or would like to explore it further then this course is for you.

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