Project Description

Tarot Reading – Learn to be a Tarot Reader not a Reader of Tarot!

Learning tarot does not mean needing to learn all the different card meanings. In fact learning the card meanings is NOT tarot reading, but giving information pre-written by another person. Tarot cards used correctly are a tool of divination and allows you to connect with your clients to give accurate readings – no one card can give the same meaning to two different people!

You will be shown the correct way to connect and to read the tarot cards and the great news is, that you can learn all of this quickly and does not take weeks of months to do – in fact you can be taught in less than a day.

This course is for anyone who is new to tarot and wants to learn or those looking to expand on their existing gifts.

What our Medium covers?

  • What to do prior to a reading
  • How to connect with someone
  • How to do a general reading and a psychic reading
  • How to read the cards correctly and
  • The pitfalls some tarot readers fall into when giving a reading

Your Tarot Reading course in Cape Town includes practical experience in class. Your own comprehensive reference manual , and your Tarot Reading attendance certificate.

After this class

Students will know how to access Reiki for personal healing, deep relaxation and for helping close friends, family, animals and plants.


You will also get access to our exclusive Members Support Facebook Group which allows you to contact and talk directly to any of the Spiritual Vitality team, at anytime. We are currently the only Reiki course in Cape Town to offer this group to our customers, ensuring peace of mind.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to tarot
  • The tarot cards – major and minor arcana
  • How to prepare for a reading
  • Cleansing the cards
  • Connecting to clients for a reading
  • Card Spreads
  • How to read the cards
  • Example readings

Note that the course includes 14 step by step, easy to use tarot spreads

The only real Tarot course available

Unlike other tarot reading courses, this is the most comprehensive course you will ever find in Cape Town and online!. We have taken the basic structure that most instructors will use and added more to it to ensure you get the best possible course at the most cost effective way. Rather than you having to pay for additional modules later, we have included everything you need from day one!

This Course is available in two options.

Get Started today.

If you still have questions or would like to get started today then please complete the following form and we will be straight back to you. We are happy to answer any of your questions you still may have, ensuring peace of mind for your training.



More about your Instructor

Mark Howard is an International Psychic Medium, Psychic Investigator, Author and Radio Presenter for the Paranormal Show, Here & Beyond.

Based in Cape Town, Western Cape and originally from the UK, Mark continues to give Psychic Readings, including Tarot and bringing Spirit through to loved ones.

Mark has completed readings for people in over 19 countries to date!