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Spiritual Vitality

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Charmaine you are such a great teacher. You made everything so easy to understand and apply. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to take to attuning others; I thought I was going to struggle. What I also love about your course is that your manual is so well laid out and informative. Thank you this was most definitely the best Reiki course I have done.

Mrs P - Cape Town

Reiki Master Course Cape Town

This course provides each student with the Reiki Level 3/Master attunement, a special process experienced within class to attain individual connectivity to the Reiki energy source.

Why become a Reiki Master?

If you are looking to train others in the wonderful healing abilities of Reiki then becoming a Reiki master is a step in the right direction.

Your Reiki Master Practitioner Training is not a requirement of working as a practitioner with Reiki. Please do not make the mistake of handing over lots of money for courses and classes to people who will tell you otherwise. Your Reiki Master training is when you are ready to fully submit to the Reiki way of life and take on greater responsibilities in looking after your clients, above and beyond the normal practitioner responsibilities. However, it is a great way of updating your skills.

What do you get with our Reiki Master Course Cape Town?

Your Reiki 3/Master course in Cape Town includes your Reiki attunement, practical experience in class. Your own comprehensive reference manual , and your Reiki attendance certificate and your Reiki lineage certificate (if you did not do your level 1 or 2 course with us) which  displays every Reiki Master before you in your Reiki lineage through to Mikao Usui.

After this class

Students will know a few more advanced Reiki techniques and how to access Reiki for local and distance attunement. They will also know how to give local and distance attunements.


Upon completion of the course, you will be given access to our online exclusive Members Area where you will continue to receive free updates to the course material.

You will also get access to our exclusive Members Support Facebook Group which allows you to contact and talk directly to any of the Spiritual Vitality team, at anytime. We are currently the only Reiki course in Cape Town to offer this group to our customers, ensuring peace of mind.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Attunement
  • Reiki and Symbolism
  • Living Reiki, Being Reiki
  • Traditional Master Symbol
    – How to Draw it
    – How to use it
    – Activation Methods
    – Where to apply during a session
  • Variations of the Master symbol
  • Non traditional Symbols
  • Reiki attunement ceremony
  • The Hui Yin and Violet Breath
  • Preparing for the ceremony
  • Attunement techniques and methods
    – Crown to Crown
    – Reiki 1 attunements – three methods
    – Reiki 2 attunements – three methods
    – Reiki 3 attunements – three methods
    – Combined 1,2 and 3 attunement
    – Absent or distant attunement
  • More advanced Reiki techniques

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