Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town

//Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town
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Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town


Spiritual Vitality

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Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town

Another fun and inspiring workshop at Spiritual Vitality learning the proper ways and techniques on how to form a powerful crystal grid to enhance the energies of crystals to help you reach your goals and desires.

Why participate in the Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town?

Learn how to make different Crystal Grids for placing in and around your home. For either protection, manifestation, health, etc.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who has always wanted to know how to make their own Crystal Grids.

What do you get with this workshop?

  • A comprehensive manual.
  • A fabric crystal grid layout template. (Others can be bought on site)

Drinks and a light snack will be supplied.

What to bring along to the Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town?

  • Any Crystals you have that you want to use
  • Your Wand if you have one.


You will also get access to our exclusive Members Support Facebook Group which allows you to contact and talk directly to any of the Spiritual Vitality team, at anytime. We are currently the only Crystal Grid Workshop Cape Town to offer this group to our customers, ensuring peace of mind.

Workshop outline

  1. Picking the right size crystals for your grid
  2. Where to place your crystal grid
  3. How to activate and deactivate your crystal grid
  4. Crystal grids with Sacred Geometry
  5. How to create various different grids for specific purposes.
  6. Hands on practice in class making a grid
  7. Bonus!! Meditation with a Crystal Grid!

Participants are encouraged to bring their existing crystals so that we may show you how you can use them to start creating crystal grids!