Reiki and Children

//Reiki and Children

Reiki and Children

Children are such a blessing on our planet and yet we sometimes forget that they are here to teach us, too! Children are open and wanting to use their inherent gifts to explore life more fully; we need only to provide them with those opportunities.

Children take to Reiki like fish take to water. They do so, because they are still very much connected to source ~ the younger they are, the more connected to source they are. And by source I mean the etheric realms, Heaven, etc; whatever you want to call it.

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Reiki is easy to learn and easy to use. Children are uncomplicated relative to most adults and quickly understand how Reiki can be beneficial to them.

Reiki is a great way for children to relax if they are worried about something. It also helps them with general aches and pains, flues and childhood physical challenges.

As Reiki also works on the emotional levels, it tends to instil confidence, help them deal with emotional trauma and sabbotage easier and quicker.

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Teenage years can be challenging on many levels. These years can be emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging as peer pressure and “popularity” is a huge issue. Exams are stressful as they ultimately decide ones future in this world (most of the time).

By allowing your child(ren) to learn Reiki or giving them Reiki you are giving them a great gift that will help them deal with all lifes issues, no matter what it throughs at them.

If neither you or your child(ren) have done a Reiki course you can start by incorporating the five Reiki principles into your life today.

5 reiki principles

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I studied Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique in 2015 and absolutely fell in love with the techniques, and went on to complete my Reiki Masters in early 2016. A burning desire to learn more about alternative ways to heal oneself was ignited and just keeps getting stronger with each passing day. At the end of 2016; beginning of 2017 I completed a Crystal and Crystal healing course.

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