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Email Tarot Readings

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Email Tarot Readings

Live to far but still want a reading?

Then Email Tarot Readings is just the thing you need.

How does a Email Tarot Reading work?

Our Medium will connect to you and pull 5 cards for your reading. Your reading will be emailed to you along with a photo of the card spread.

What information do you require of me to give the reading?

For the reading we just need your name and any question(s) you would like answered or images you want read.

What is the turn around time for my reading?

Typically a reading will be delivered within 24 hours after payment has reflected in our account.

Will the medium be told everything about me?

No. The medium will only relay back to you what has been given to him and will not be given anything that is not required for the reading. Likewise if you are looking to get the winning lottery numbers for next week you will be disappointed also.

Do I need to do anything before my reading?

If at all possible try to relax and meditate about an hour before the reading. If you are unable too, then please do not worry. Just come along with an open mind and as relaxed as you can be.

Some people prefer these readings as they are not required to be in the room with Mark. Consequently there are no distance issues and the emails are detailed as if you were in the room with Mark himself.

Currently Mark has completed email readings Worldwide with outstanding results and accuracy.