Reiki Box Healing

Reiki Box Healing 2017-06-20T12:00:07+00:00

Reiki Box Healing

Is it possible for me to have my very own Reiki Box? 2017-04-06T14:21:14+00:00

Yes it is,

You can either:

  1. Do a Reiki Lv1 and Reiki Lv2 course or
  2. Join our Reiki Box workshop where you can build and decorate your very own Reiki Box. We attune your Box to Reiki.
  3. Or you can purchase a Reiki Box that we have built and decorated instead.
How is the Reiki box different from distance Reiki healing? 2017-04-06T14:09:35+00:00
With distance Reiki healing we require the client to fill out our client information form. Distance Reiki healing has to do with them directly.

The Reiki box on the other hand, no client forms are required to be filled in, it is a request that Reiki be sent to someone, thing, etc that has no direct impact on the person asking for Reiki to be sent. Keeping in mind that one cannot take anything away from anyone else, IE one cannot ask for something that is from someone else. Doing so would bring serious consequences to you on a karmic level, which could manifest itself in this life.

What information is required for the Reiki box? 2017-04-06T14:04:03+00:00
We require as much information about the person, event, situation, etc; the more information we have to put down on the piece of paper to go into the Reiki box, the more direct the Reiki can be.

IE, if a friend is going for surgery we require the following information

  • Write down their name -:- John Mayhelm
  • The hospital they have been admitted to -:- West beach hospital
  • The hospital ward or room number -:- Cardiology ward / room 302
  • Date and time -:- 15 June 2016 at 5am
  • What is their surgery for -:- Heart murmur  has gotten worse
  • If a image could be supplied it would help
How does the Reiki box work? 2017-04-06T14:03:05+00:00
We send Reiki to the box using sacred Reiki symbols, we as practitioners charge the Reiki box with Reiki, to send Reiki to all the pieces of paper in the box with the intention that it goes to the situations identified on them. This works very well, because the energy is guided by our intent, yours and ours.

This way, we establish an “energetic signature” for that situation (request), that we or Reiki can later connect to. Reiki is then sent to the person, place, event, etc

Whats does one see or feel during a session? 2017-04-06T14:08:47+00:00
One can feel deeply emotionally relaxed, giddy, excited or absolutely nothing. One might cry, laugh, burp, bottom burp, yawn or do nothing at all. One may see images or have past events or worries flow their mind or nothing at all. One may receive guidance or answers to questions, thoughts or worries that have been on their mind or nothing at all.

One can feel it as a hot or cold sensation, a breeze, a chill, a tingly sensation, a pulsation in a area, or one feels nothing except the practitioners hands.

Because we are all different it is best to say expect everything and yet nothing at the same time.

Almost everyone feels relaxed at the end of the sessions, due to the fact that their energy has been rebalanced.

Reiki will generally feel how the receiver needs it to feel.

Per Request



Spiritual Vitality

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Reiki Box Healing

Want to send Reiki to a friend, family member, colleague or even to various aspects of your life? Reiki box is the perfect way to do so.

Sending Reiki to another or various aspects of your life using the Reiki Box Healing method is as easy as one to three. Whether they are ill, going for surgery, have an exam, competition, a presentation to give or going for a job interview, the list is endless, your imagination is what limits the uses of Reiki.

Want to send Reiki to a World event, global warming, a continent or country? Go for it!

Uses of the Reiki box

  • Send Reiki to a friend, family member, colleague, world event, country, town or continent.
  • Send Reiki to a cruise ship, airplane, car or any other means of transport that someone is using.
  • Sending Reiki to you a friend, family members or colleagues home, pet or place of work.

Various aspects of your life or someone elses you can use the Reiki Box to send Reiki to:

  • Attain peace of mind
  • Get a job
  • Perform better at work
  • Increase intuition
  • Be more productive
  • Gain strength
  • Stop smoking
  • Remain healthy
  • New house
  • Success in exams
  • Improve relationships
  • New Year’s resolutions
  • Healing affirmations for someone
    and much more.

I must say, I never thought this was going to work but it has.

3 weeks after putting in my request it manifested.

Thank you so much for introducing me to wonders of your Reiki box; truly amazing!

Love this concept!

Mrs A; Cape Town