Psychic Energy Healing, Cape Town

//Psychic Energy Healing, Cape Town
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Psychic Energy Healing, Cape Town

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Spiritual Vitality

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Psychic Energy Healing

Do you suffer from pains, injuries or have a medical issue that simply just won’t go away? Many of today’s modern medicines do no more than mask or hide the pains rather than cure the root cause of issues.

Alternative Psychic Energy healing is available from Mark and his approach is totally different and unique to himself.

Rather than relying on traditional medical sources such as medicines, Mark channels his spirit guides Chen and Dr Benedict to work through him, sending energy and healing directly to the area(s) affected or needing treatment.

The results thus far have been outstanding, but relies on you being able to honestly answer two questions:

  1. Are you open to the idea of a different holistic approach to healing?
  2. Do you want to be healed?



Young lady from Cape Town complaining of sever kidney issues asked for healing to alleviate the issue. She was on medication from the doctors and had been for sometime, but she advised that they were not having an effect.

She complained of lack of sleep and constant pain.

After Session.

Within 24hours of her first session, she confirmed that not only had the pain completely disappeared, but she was feeling healthier, and was able to have a restful sleep for the first time in months. She has since stopped her medication and confirmed that she has no recurring issues or problems.


Young lady complained of sever back pain in her top shoulder. This had been going on for sometime, and even though she was on pain relieve (which was not being effective), her doctors had said that they were unable to find anything the issue, but would continue to investigate and see what happens.

By this point the lady really was at the end of her tether!

After Session.

Within 24 hours of her first session, she confirmed that there had been a noticeable decrease in the pain in her back. Within 48 hours she then confirmed that in fact the pain had totally gone and for the first time was pain free.