Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals in Cape Town

///Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals in Cape Town
Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals in Cape Town 2017-04-09T22:07:10+00:00

Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals

Is EFT safe? 2017-04-07T12:53:38+00:00
Yes, it is very safe.

EFT utilizes ones meridian system to safely remove the toxic negative energies ones body has stored.

How is EFT done? 2017-04-09T22:16:39+00:00
By lightly tapping with two fingers on specific points and using key words; while allowing yourself to feel the emotions of a situation, you’ll find that the emotion will begin to dissipate, often after only one round of tapping.

The practitioner gently guides the recipient with the “waste disposal process” by using different techniques. Using the technique/s that work best for the recipient. IE; chasing the pain, writings on the wall; sneaking up on the problem, etc.

One can choose to have a private session, or surrogate session

Toby is as a cat should be, he is playing outside again; chasing birds and eating his food as normal and not eating out of his eating times.

Thank you so much for helping him deal with his anxiety and depression. I haven’t seen him this happy since I don’t know when. The Reiki and EFT have really helped him move past and deal with his “cat” issues.

Thank you so much!

PS: I do believe he is looking skinnier as well

Mrs C - Cat Toby; JHB

Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, was originally developed for people.

It’s a healing method that operates on the body’s energy system rather than on the body itself.

Unlike massage or acupressure therapy which involves applying a certain amount of force to certain areas of the body, EFT uses a light tapping or touching technique.

The goal of tapping is to send healing energy pulses from the fingers and hands to the body’s energy system. EFT also involves using intention and focus to direct healing energy to the problem being worked on.

Energy flows where attention goes.”

This is a fundamental concept in energy work.

Contrary to what most people assume when they first hear about EFT for pets, the technique doesn’t necessarily involve tapping on the animal being worked on.

Animals have a meridian system, of course, but many of the points on the system are located in spots where animals don’t like to be touched; never mind being tapped on. What’s amazing about Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals is that the practitioner taps on themselves to make positive changes in your animal.

The technique is called proxy or surrogate tapping, and it can be done from anywhere. One doesn’t even have to be in the same room with the animal their working on, which of course makes it possible to work on wildlife, pets that don’t belong to you, and a wide variety of animals that are rarely handled by humans.

Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals is a completely harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy that has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals. However, it should never take the place of regular veterinary wellness exams, or vet checkups when a pet is showing signs of pain, illness or behavioral changes.

EFT can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment and behavior modification, but it should not be considered a replacement for other therapies.

What are the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals?

EFT has the ability to help animals diminish or eliminate issues such as:

  • Anxiety due to being separated, going to the vet, etc.
  • Known or suspected past mental or physical abuse
  • Known fears such as thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Unknown fears
  • Aggression towards people and other animals
  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Pain relief
  • Training and focus problems
  • House training problems
  • Attention seeking behaviours, repetitive behaviour disturbances
  • Stress and nervousness