Animal Reiki in Cape Town

Animal Reiki in Cape Town 2017-04-09T22:02:26+00:00

Reiki for Animals

What if I cannot bring my animal to you, or you cannot come to me? 2017-04-06T12:54:53+00:00
No need to panic.

If you cannot come to us or we cannot come to you for what ever reason, be it distance or time, etc then we will arrange distance Reiki healing sessions.

Can I be with my animal whilst the session is in progress? 2017-04-06T12:53:33+00:00
We highly recommend that you be there for your animal whilst the session is in progress. Whether it be a One to One session or a distance healing session. If your animal feels your love for them whilst the session is in progress; it may boost the Reiki healing powers.
How fast will I see a difference in my animal? 2017-04-06T12:52:46+00:00
That depends on how severe the issue is. One could see an immediate improvement or it might take a few sessions.
Will it cure the animal? 2017-04-06T12:50:47+00:00
As humans the notion of healing to us is nothing less than complete physical healing and return to wellness; however Reiki can help us accept the natural cycles of life and Reiki Healing can be the removal of fear, the giving of reassurance, peace and love at times of need or transition. Reiki may give physical healing and help recovery from illness or injury, stress and trauma; for first time clients of Reiki, often coming to Reiki as a last resort.The results can often be pleasantly surprising.
Matilda is doing GREAT!  She starting eating her straw shortly after you left and every day she gets better and better..eating more, eating her proper food, jumping around.
We are SO grateful and happy..over the moon so to speak.  I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for her check up to get the all clear 🙂
Thank you so much for the healing..can’t explain how much it means.
Mr A - Bunny Matilda; Cape Town

Reiki for Animals

Your pet already responds to your loving touch and attention. Reiki takes this just that one step further by providing channeled healing energy in such a way to help your animals feel better. Animals can absolutely be treated and comforted with Reiki energy. No one knows exactly what an animal experiences during a Reiki for Animals session, but they tend to become very relaxed and still, sensing that something very special is taking place.

Our pets behaviour is driven by our emotions. With today’s lifestyles and fast pace one underestimates how it affects your beloved companion(s), whether your beloved companion is a cat, dog, mouse, snake, bird, fish, horse or any other type of animal it does not matter. They all respond to and sense the loving healing energy of Reiki that is channeled to them.

Reiki can be given to animals in almost any circumstance – no circumstance is too difficult as touch is not an absolute necessity. If Reiki is to be sent to an animal that is not usually touched, such as fish or wild animals; Reiki techniques where you give Reiki from afar, such as beaming or distant Reiki can be used.

Using Reiki is a noninvasive way for your pets body to naturally heal itself and keep maintaining this healing long after the sessions are completed.

A few Benefits of Reiki for Animals

  • If the animal suffers from headaches, stomach upsets, asthma, back problems, sinus, respiratory, canine hip dysplasia, anxiety, kidney stones and more; Reiki helps the healing process and complements any medical intervention to accelerate the healing process.
  • Animals of any age can receive Reiki. In old animals or if your beloved pet is dying; Reiki can help bring peace and comfort to your pet during this difficult time.
  • If the animal has experienced any type of trauma, abuse, neglect, stress, loss or been relocated, or if they seem to exhibit depression or other behavioural disorder. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, Reiki can be used to help.
  • For behavioural issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity. Reiki can help your pet relax and reduce their levels of stress and anxiety.

Your animal(s) don’t need to be ill to benefit from Reiki; regular sessions can help keep their body, mind and spirit in harmony.