Becoming More Magnetic to Money

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Becoming More Magnetic to Money

A lean purse is easier to cure than endure ~ George S. Clason Click To Tweet

The wealthiest civilization in the ancient world was Babylon. Babylon was famous for its fortune because its people as well as its king were rich, enjoying a level of personal wealth beyond our contemporary comprehension. The poor Babylonian was the exception, because knowledge of the laws of prosperity was available to everyone.

The man-made laws of money created by the Babylonians were very simple, even for the financially impaired. And they’re just as true today as they were eight thousand plus years ago. The path to personal wealth is regular saving and sharing, controlling expenditures, living debt-free, increasing prosperity through prudent investment, protecting the bulk of your wealth from loss, owning property, establishing a future income for old age, and increasing the ability to earn money through perseverance.

The first of the Babylonian secrets for achieving personal wealth was to “Start thy purse to fattening.” This was accomplished by taking a part of all one earned – not less than 10% – and claiming it as one’s own. This money was kept in a purse usually worn at the waist. The purpose of the purse wasn’t simply to save money but to act as a money magnet, endowing its owner with a sense of financial serenity as it grew fatter. When the purse became to heavy to wear, some of the money could be transferred to a larger savings chest and used for lending, trading, acquiring property and making investments. But a portion of the money remained in the purse to attract more. Babylon’s richest always kept a fat purse close by as physical proof of their prosperity.

wealth is a mindset

Creating a money magnet is a fabulous psychological ploy to jump-start a sense of financial serenity if you’re worried about money. A money magnet is not a savings account; it’s in addition to the money you deposit in your savings account. You keep your money magnet close at hand so that you can SEE your prosperity – touch it or count it as often as you like. You need some money that is completely yours, which is why the existence of your money magnet is to be kept secret. It’s not intended to pay the pizza delivery boy!
A symbolic money magnet that’s a personal favourite is to carry a hidden R100 note in addition to whatever money I think I need when I go out. The reason for this is that, no matter what happens, I’ll always have R100 to spend as I wish or for emergencies. But it must be a R100 note, not merely R100. You’ll spend R100, but you’ll rarely break a R100 note. (At least I won’t).
This way you always fell abundant without spending money. It’s a terrific reconditioning tool to teach us that abundance must occur in our minds before it can manifest in our lives.
“If you want to increase your wealth, it’s important to recognize that money has a mind/body component that offers you the opportunity to take control of how much you have. Most people simply aren’t aware that they have been programmed their entire life to interact with money in a very specific way, but the rewards of acknowledging and changing this programming can reflect enormously in your bank account and in your successful business endeavors.”

Holistic Techniques you can use to change your
mindset and energy about money

  1. Emotional Freedom Techniques
  2. Raising your self-worth and self-love
  3. Affirmations
  4. Meditation
  5. Reiki
  6. Crystals

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